SANTI Heated Extreme 400


Heated Extreme 400

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* 120 W
* works with batteries: 10 Ah /about 60 minutes of heating 20 Ah/about 120 minutes of heating
* made of Thinsulate 400 gr
* made of fully breathable materials
* keeps you warm even when the heating is off
* regulary distributed heating wiring that allows you freedom of movement
* Nowa wartosc ENwarms up the whole body corpus, thighs and arms
* extra pocket on the wire ends
* waterproof plug, compatible with other Santi products
* male and female plug
* P-valve holes on both legs in standard
* napoleon pocket
* water-resistant cuffs
* tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves
* two-way zip protected with a flap

Outstanding undersuit made from breathing materials based on Thinsulate™ 400gr. Keeps you warm even when the batteries are low or completly drained