SANTI Undersuit Light CDS 40


Thinnest Undersuit.

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* three pockets – one of them fastened
* two-way zip protected with a flap
* elastic gussets in arms
* tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves
* Thinsulate™ Insulation 40 gr
* wide (10 cm) elastic ankle bands


This Undersuit is ideal under Neoprene suits, where the basic problem is to pull moisture away from the body. It can be used also under other suits in warm water.

This is the thinner Undersuit we produce. We used here the thinnest insulation available on the market – Thinsulate CDS 40, breahable fabric, which instantly pull sweat away from your body. The outer layer is made of 6.6 Polyamide 100% fabric quilted along together with Thinsulate. The inner layer is made of micropolar 190 g/m2.

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