Helpful Diving Links

Diving Links

Oxy Doc Cave Diving

Global information for cave divers, diving spots, and travel information.

Dive Doc

Richard ‘Harry’ Harris is a keen amateur underwater photographer and technical diver.


Scurion high performance LED lamps for diving or caving.

Wet Mules

We love: Unexplored caves; making it up as we go along, combining diving with helicopters, unique solutions to unique problems; rebreathers, SCUBA cylinders, snorkels or whatever will get the job done safely and efficiently; individualism; contributing to the science, conservation and understanding of what we enjoy…caves!

Liz Rogers Photography

Cave diving and underwater photography.

Caving Links

Caver net

Caving links by cavers for cavers

Victorian Speleological Association (VSA)

Victorian Speleological Association (VSA)

CEGSA – Cave Exploration Group SA

The Cave Exploration Group (South Australia) Incorporated (CEGSA), also known as the Cave Exploration Group of South Australia, was established in 1955.

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