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Dry suit E.MOTION

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Dry suit E.MOTION is made of a unique Rip Stop Nylon/Butylen/Polyester material, with a weight of 260 gr/sqm. Rip-stop nylon is a light-weight nylon fabric with inter-woven ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern. This fabric gives very simillar durable condition than Cordura and extra modern apperance. This Dry Suit is equipped with all the features you need for professional, technical and cave diving: TIZIP plastic zipper covered by additional zip-fastened flap. We offer as a standard model option: two big utility pockets on thighs especially designed for this style, new shape of Kevlar® knee pads. Standard model has also telescoping torso, suspenders with practical pocket for documents/keys and HD seals.

E.MOTION is equipped with Flex Sole boots. We add a collar hood made of 6 mm neoprene.


    3year guarantee
    total weight – 3,2 kg
    fabric Ripstop Nylon/butylen/Polyester 260 g/sqm
    colors: black/black, black/red, black/blue
    telescopic torso
    TIZIP plastic zipper covered by additional zip-fastened flap
    crotch pad reinforcement
    High-profile Apeks valves and inlet valves with “inflator” ending
    two utilities pockets with elastic bungee loops; the right pocket has a zip-fastened flap with a small pocket for double ender clip
    Kevlar® knee pads
    Nneck seals made of insulated latex and 3 mm neoprene
    HD bottleshape wrist seals
    Flex Sole boots
    6 mm Neoprene collar hood
    medium pressure hose

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