SANTI Dry Suit – ESpace


Dry Suit – ESpace.

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Dry suit Enduro Space (ESpace) is made of light and extremely durable fabric Nylon/Butylen/Poliester, density of 420gr/sqm. It is cut in a way that makes it easy to adjust to any figure and does not limit movements in any direction.

Telescoping torso stretches up to 30 cm and gives you great mobility, regardless of the thickness of an Undersuit.


    total weight: 4 kg
    fabric: Nylon/Butylen/Poliester 420 gr/sqm
    colors: black, black/red, black/blue
    telescoping torso
    front entry zipper
    Apeks valves
    two pockets on thighs
    neck seal made of latex insulated by 3 mm neoprene
    HD bottleshape wrist seals
    6mm Neoprene boots
    medium pressure hose
    3-year guarantee


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