KISS Orca Spirit mCCR



The KISS Orca Spirit is unlike any closed circuit rebreather on the market.  For those familiar with the basic mechanics most CCR’s follow, will immediately notice the absence of the usual twin – oxygen / diluent cylinder configuration flanking a centrally mounted scrubber, will notice something quite different.

Instead, the Spirit features a single onboard oxygen cylinder, mounted at the base of the unit. Diluent for the Spirit is provided by an off-board cylinder that can be mounted under either the left or right arm—the same way most CCR diver’s carry their bailout cylinder. Diluent gas is supplied to the Spirit via a high-flow hose with a quick-disconnect fitting. This off-board configuration allows the same cylinder to serve as both the rebreather’s diluent and bailout system, thus reducing the unit’s overall weight and profile.

Fully assembled and ready to dive, the Spirit measures 23 inches tall­ (approximately 5 inches shorter than an aluminum 80) and no more than 13.5 inches wide at its widest point. With harness and wing attached, the unit sits just six inches off the diver’s back. In the world of back-mounted CCRs, that’s pretty skinny.