Isolation Valve Mini


solation Valve Mini.

Standard 3/8″-24 Male threadon one end and 3/8″-24 Female thread on the other end.
Perfect for manifold blocks and first stages.
1″ O.D Slide. Best for cold water and low Visibility Diving

Reversible Slider – can be set to shut-off with the flow or against the flow.

Do not forget to add the OPV to the first stage to prevent hose damage due IP creep.

3/8″-24 Male
(Connects to a standard 1st stage
regulator’s low pressure port)
3/8″-24 Female
(Connects to a standard regulator low
pressure hose)

  • Turn off a failed 1st stage regulator in
    one simple motion.
  • Leave the tank valve in the on
    position and turn on or off a different
    type of gas mixture during the dive.
  • Reversible sleeve allows the diver to
    control direction of flow and shut-off
  • Delrin Sleeve provides for durable
    use as well as oxygen compatible.
  • Made with 02 compatible materials