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The high-performance lamp for caving and cave diving.

The Argolamp 2.0 Pro is the latest addition to the Argolamp family, designed for normal caving, technical diving and outdoor activities, and is particularly suitable for use in a marine environment thanks to the choice of using a special alloy, 5083, which is a naval alloy used in boat construction.

Key features:

  • – SPOT lighting electronics with 1 5° LED,
  • – LARGE lighting electronics with 4 LEDs: 2 at 125°, 1 at 60° and 1 at 45°),
  • – Maximum output of 2400 lumens,
  • – Maximum autonomy 13 days,
  • – Water resistance 150 m – 15 bar,
  • – Levels 13,
  • – Weight 370 grams with battery,
  • – Weight 230 grams without battery,
  • – Can be used with two 21700 batteries or two 18650 batteries, it also works with one battery.

Two buttons for easy use of the 13 different settings and 3 modes:

  • – Diffuse beam,
  • – 5° narrow beam,
  • – Combined diffuse and narrow beam.

Power on and off:

  • – Switching on is done with a quick click on button 1 (top),
  • – To turn off, the light level must be set to minimum, and after a few seconds of waiting, two quick presses of button 2 (bottom) are required.

Power Control:

  • – Button 1 (top) is used to increase the level and button 2 (bottom) to decrease it,

Mode Switching:

  • – Referring to the level table, we see that we have 3 modes, the lamp starts in diffused light mode. To switch modes, you will need to long-press one of the two buttons.


  • – The direction of the battery is indicated on the battery pack, where the o-ring code is also indicated. Especially for divers, always keep the gasket clean and greased for an optimal seal, the presence of dirt could compromise the seal,
  • – To check the battery level in any mode, press the buttons at the same time, the main LED will flash 1 to 5 times depending on the battery power, 5 is the maximum charge level.


  • – Diving: Do you want to use the argolamp lamp for diving and do you like portable lamps? Mount the lamp body directly on the battery pack,
  • – Classic helmet version: Do you want to use the argolamp for photography or video? Mount it directly on a tripod or attach your Gopro directly to the argolamp for great footage with no moving shadows.

It comes with:

  • – Helmet mount (GoPro type for the head and rilsan for the battery),
  • – Elastic head support for temporary use,
  • – Hand support, fixing the head to the battery, the whole set can be worn on the back of the hand,
  • – Spare gasket for the battery,
  • – Battery adapter type 18650,
  • – GoPro camera mount to mount on the lamp head,
  • – USB charger,
  • – 2x 21700 batteries. (We do not ship batteries by air, i.e. they can only be sent to Europe by ground carriers.)