Scurion ® 1500


The Scurion® 1500 – the brightest lamp in the Scurion® lineup and it’s fully programmable to your preferences.


Lamp features

  • rugged, waterproof aluminium case
  • new: 1450 Lumen – spot and wide angle each 725 Lm
  • constant current regulated brightness (independent on battery voltage)
  • wide angle tilted by 15° downwards
  • colour temperature ~6000 Kelvin – nice, pure white!
  • microprocessor control for Li-Ion power reduction
  • bar display for remaining battery capacity
  • fully programmable to user´s preferences
  • optional UV-LED and projector for bar display
  • completely nonmagnetic – no magnetic switch disturbing your compass
  • Available colours : black, red, blue, green


  • 4 Li-Ion-Cell battery with 5000 mAh/7.2V
  • 36 Wh capacity – as much as 15 alkaline AA batteries
  • Only brand cells of top quality
  • protection circuit for safe operation

Head straps

  • simple “outdoor” head strap for general use
  • “orienteering” head strap if you want to run with the lamp
  • modular system with different cable lengths


  • Industry quality Mascot™ charger (made in Norway)
  • max. 5h charging time
  • fully automatic operation
  • sophisticated charge algorithm for maximum battery lifetime