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We are authorised distributors and importers for SANTI, SITEC, LIGHT MONKEY, H2OV Video System, Contour Video Cameras,  Shearwater Computers, AII (Analytical Industries Inc.), Scurion ® and KISS Rebreathers. 

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Pine Tank Lodge


Pine Tank Dive Lodge has been designed by cave divers to meet the needs of divers. With affordable accommodation and only 5 minutes driving time to the best cave diving sites in the South East of South Australia (Pines, Tank, Iddlebiddy, Nettlebed, Fossil, Sisters, Mud Hole, Stinging Nettle Cave), divers can maximise their time in the water. 

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Range: 0-100% Oxygen Signal Output:...

Product details

Shearwater Petrel 2 Fischer

Shearwater Petrel 2 with Fischer...

Product details

Scurion ® Blade Mount

Made of stainless steel and replaces...

Product details

Light Monkey 20-35 Video System (2.5 hour burn)

Dual 35 Watt HID providing 3000 lumens...

Product details

H2OV housing and ContourHD camera

The H2OV housing was designed for...

Product details

Universal Mount Adaptor

Now your ContourHD or VholdR Wearable...

Product details

H2OV DPV Mount

Made from Delrin with stainless steel...

Product details

Kite Hero Line Mount for Contour

The Kite Hero Contour Line Mount is...

Product details

CamSkin for ContourHD (Desert camo)

These innovative line of skins for the...

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Range: 0-100% Oxygen Signal Output: 10...

Product details

Scurion ® 700 'Basic'

Waterproof IP 67 – 1m ( Not for...

Product details

Scurion ® Battery Pouch

Protects the batteries against spray...

Product details

SANTI Thermovalve

Thermovalve. Valve with integrated...

Product details

Shearwater Petrel 2 OC/CC Dive Computer

Shearwater Petrel 2 OC/CC Dive Computer...

Product details

Contour Rechargeable Battery

Contour Li-ion rechargable...

Product details

Backplate Screw

Stainless steel screw to attach a wing,...

Product details